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BP-U65 vs Sony BP-GL95A battery

BP-U65 main with logoSony BP-GL95A

Michael Goldberg had a used Sony BP-GL95 battery ($599.00 … new) which he kindly tested against the BP-U65 battery and the 2 batteries tested out to be about the same length in use on an Ikan IB1000 LED light which draws 75 watts of power. That means the BP-U65 is conservative on watt hours or the electronics are better on the battery or the Sony BP-GL95 is old considering it is rated at 93 Watt Hours.
That is, by no means, a
definitive test as the BP-GL95 was powered down after 1 hour and 30 minutes when the battery light turned from Red to Orange. He powered the battery back up and found it still had power so this little test he did only indicates the BP-U65 is probably understated at 74.9 Watt Hours of use. The Ikan IB1000 LED should have killed the battery at 1 hour. The light is rated to draw 14.4 volts … same as the 2 batteries. Remember the BP-U65 will not be sold after the end of June on