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BP-U65 Battery Philip Bloom review

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Philip Bloom is a very experienced videographer in broadcast and film production:
I had the privilege of working with him on a Tokyo shoot, 8 or 9 years ago, evaluating the Sony EX1/3 cameras using the Letus 35mm ultra lens adaptor.
The need to expand expert reviews on emerging video and film equipment has spun a host of amateur and professionals alike. Philip Bloom
is one of those leading lights in the industry that provides excellent equipment reviews and somehow manages to maintain a seriously demanding world-wide production schedule that would keel over an ordinary person.
His many reviews over the years on a host of equipment have helped many of us in choosing the right equipment to keep us up to date. Professional film & video equipment advances have arrived at such an astonishing rate that we all need as much help as possible in keeping up.
Philip has agreed to do a 'blog' review of the BP-U65 battery in relation to the Sony FS7 camera and the very excellent Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q video recorder and monitor via D-TAP and it will be coming out sometime next week. This is is one of the major concerns of professionals these days … juice and how to get it. All of us, those who fly anyway, have experienced the problem of batteries on airlines. The battery limit is 2 per camera and is only allowed as carry-on. Nothing in your suitcase will be allowed in the cargo hold of a passenger plane. We are talking professional video camera batteries here … not little ones you have in your computers or any other device.
I'll keep you posted when the review comes out … if you haven't bought one of the BP-U65 with Samsung cells, you might want to grab what you can
while the batteries are available on