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BP-U65 used in event shoot ...

I recently used one BP-U65 battery on a 4 hour event shoot just to see how it would perform. It performed very well … no hitches … no glitches … it just worked. I still had 2 hours listed on the battery monitor read-out on the Sony EX3 camera used in this shoot. So at this point I can say it has been battle tested!

How best to do a 2 camera, 1 operator, 1 assistant on location or in studio shoot

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Greg Story
Dr. Greg Story of Dale Carnegie
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Custom Media Japan has just launched it's hosted video interview series with "Being People Smart" a video I shot with 2 Sony EX3 cameras in studio. The key point in today's budget conscience website video productions is how to effectively shoot with 2 cameras, 1 camera operator and an assistant to monitor audio. Much thanks goes to the support crew at Studio 29 on this shoot … that helped tremulously to get this done.
Lighting and audio aside … if you set up 2 cameras framed wide on both the presenter ( no operator) and the other camera on you subject for the interview (operator), you will be able to make 2 to 3 cuts on both subjects with NLE zooms using the
Ken Burns effect as is seen here in this piece. The use of re-framing in a NLE allows for quick cuts to create focused attention on what someone is saying. Zooms and slow pans in an interview offer a more filmatic approach to the subject than just set close-up camera framing. I didn't do this edit as I came down with the dreaded Norovirus ( 10 days of pure hell) but shot the video with this edit scheme in mind.
Lighting … 2 56K lights (400 & 800 with filters to cut glare) and 1 small spot using the lights in a cross-over fashion did the trick with the 1 spot-light for the back light on Dr. Greg Story. Sound … a bit of a problem occurs when you shoot in what is essentially a photo studio. Big rooms tend to add problems to the sound mix. There are ways around this. A boom mike directed downward over the subjects would have made a hugh difference but we didn't have one on hand. Pin mics were used instead and the resultant sound (adjusted by the editor … whoever he is … thanks) had issues with that studio. One particular plug-in for Adobe comes to mind for those not technically minded on audio EQ controls who need to edit out such problems is
De-verb VST plugin … highly useful. Good luck on your next shoot.

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