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Around the World in 80 Days


One of the finest work experiences I have had as an actor is Around the World in 80 Days with Pierce Brosnan. This was a film mini-series made for NBC (I never received credit for the work ... thanks NBC). I was Peter Ustinov’s stunt double.
One day, I missed the bus from the hotel to the set located out in the new territories of Hong Kong. I was standing around wondering how I was going to get to work! I saw this older gentleman waiting for a taxi (or so I thought) and asked him if he had anything to do with the film. He said, yes ... great for me ... I begged a ride and he very kindly agreed. This long black limo turned up and we were away for an hour drive. It turned out that he was the second unit director and the production designer on the film (these guys you hardly see unless you do something with them.) His name was
Burr Smidt.
He asked what I did on the film and I told him. He warmed to that subject and said, he started out in films doing cowboy stunts back in the old days! It was great listening to him talk about the films he worked on and the people he worked with in Hollywood. It was a very pleasant drive.
Later in the day on set, the AD came over and asks me if I would do a stunt during a night shoot. He said, Burr Smidt was asking ... I said, sure! ... p.s. ... I’m the guy with the fish.
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